Diaeta, diététicien-nutritionniste agréé en diététique

Eating must remain a pleasure

 Pierre ABOU-ZEID registered Dietitian and acredited Nutrionist
Pierre Abou-Zeid

Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

Strongly believing that eating should remain a pleasure, I am not a fan of restrictive diets. Contrary to what many people think, a restrictive diet is not the solution to losing weight, lowering cholesterol levels or lowering blood sugar in diabetes. This is not the solution in the majority of diseases. The solution lies in a balanced diet.p>

How to eat balanced ?

Well, that's where my extensive knowledge of nutrition comes in play. Eating a healthy diet doesn't mean odd-tasting foods or downright tasteless foods. Quite the opposite, you can continue to eat, in general, what you currently eat with specific adaptations.p>

My working method is based on the principle “As little change as possible”. This means that I will make your eating habits as balanced as possible with as few changes as possible. I will study your current eating habits and adapt them while respecting your dislikes and preferences. The goal is to make your diet healthy and balanced while keeping the pleasure of eating. Don't give up your favorite dish, make it healthier.

My role is to teach you to recognize and differentiate healthy foods from harmful foods. Healthy foods, there are a ton of them and you will love them. Once you have acquired the necessary knowledge you will have a fresh look at what is on your plate. The goal is that it becomes a reflex that accompanies you for a lifetime.

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