Pierre Abou-Zeid, accredited Dietitian/dietician - Nutritionist
Dietitian - Nutritionist Pierre Abou-Zeid
Diététicien - Nutritionniste Pierre ABOU-ZEID

Dietitian | Dietician - Nutritionist and dietetics

On a daily basis, how to combine food and health ? How to identify eating behaviors that harm our health, vitality and balance? The first choice is above all to give yourself time to learn and get advice from a registered Dietitian | Dietician - Nutritionist.

The Dietitian | Dietician - Nutritionist provide tailor-made advice on healthy, balanced nutrition and a suitable lifestyle for people of all ages, healthy and sick. Dietetics gives answers to people who do not know what to eat to live a healthier life. Dietetics is dedicated to nutrition issues and the development of diets appropriate to the state of health of individuals. Diet is a matter of hygiene for healthy subjects and therapeutic for sick subjects. The Dietitian | Dietitian - Nutritionist works closely with your doctor to ensure that you receive the correct nutrition: appropriate for your condition, your treatment and of course your personal preferences.

Do you suffer from Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)? Do not hesitate to make an appointment.

FODMAP, syndrome du côlon irritable, syndrome de lintestin irritable

Irritable bowel syndrom and the low FODMAP diet

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is a very common gastrointestinal disorder. It is characterized by constipation, diarrhea or a combination of both, abdominal bloating, distension, excessive gas, and urgency of defecation. These symptoms are not always together in people with irritable bowel syndrome.
Symptoms are often caused by sugars called FODMAP. Therefore a FODMAP diet or low in FODMAP aims to reduce or make the symptoms disappear.

The Dietitian | dietician - nutritionist is the only recognized food specialist. Its title is protected and fixed by the Royal Decree of February 1997.

Diététicien - Nutritionniste test génétique et nutrigénomique

Nutritional Genetic Test | Nutrigenetic test

The effect of food on us differs from person to person. Not all of us need the same amount of nutrients to stay healthy or have optimal health.

Individual genetic variations can affect the way we respond to the foods, drinks, and supplements we consume.
To lose weight different strategies exist. Which one to choose ?
Thanks to nutrigenomics and nutrigenetics in particular, the dietitian | dietician - nutritionist could see your genetic predisposition to overweight, your difficulty in losing weight and especially advises you an effective way to lose weight.

Thanks to the genetic test, the dietitian | dietician - nutritionist will be able to give you tailor-made dietetic advice.
Make an appointment in one of our dietetic practices in Brussels: Auderghem, Etterbeek, Ixelles, Koekelberg and Uccle, and in Braine -Alleud.


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  • First consultation
    +/- 60 min
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    +/- 30 min
  • genetic test (optional)
    Results are provided within +/- 6 weeks

Your specialist

Pierre ABOU-ZEID, Registered dietitian and nutritionist


Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist

Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live.

I accompany you throughout the process. We will work together to achieve an optimal result. The goal is not to impose a strict diet on you but rather a gradual adaptation of your diet and your lifestyle. The goal is for you to manage yourself a healthy diet adapted to your body and your needs and this for a lifetime.

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